25 things about Josh’s sexuality

I must say that I love finding new (to me) blogs on the internet. Most of the time that starts with someone commenting or subscribing to my blog. In this instance Scarlett from a True Unfolding subscribed to our blog. First thing I notice on her blog is the painting by Frida Kahlo. That led me to poking around her blog, reading some really hot stories and ultimately to her blogroll.

One of the blogs I found is 25 things About My Sexuality. I instantly loved the concept of the blog, a place for people to describe their sexual sides in their own words.  I took a shot and submitted my own list, and it can be found after the jump.

1)I am a 31-year-old straight married guy.

2)I had my first orgasm at the age of 10 from masturbating. Around the age of 13 I would jerk off at least twice a day and as many as 6 times a day. I was hooked.

3)I had sex for the first time at the age of 15. The girl I had sex with was my first girlfriend and was totally awesome sexually. We would have sex before and after school everyday for 2 years. Our sex was almost always in public places.

4)Most of my high school friends lost their virginity to her as well. This all happened while we were dating and I knew about it and really did not care. In fact I found it really hot. I never had sex with anyone else during this time though.

5)One of the people she did not tell me she had sex with was a guy I considered my best friend. They would keep this a secret for a year and a half. When I found out, I cut ties with the girlfriend. She broke the honesty component of the relationship.

6)My next girlfriend was extremely controlling sexually. She would have me read books and have conversations about them before she would have sex with me. I learned here that this kind of arrangement was not for me. I needed a partner and not a dom.

7)She was the first woman to stick a finger up my ass. The orgasm I got from it was out of this world.

8)I met my wife when we were 19. She was a virgin and was very vanilla sexually. It was a very odd feeling to know that was what “normal” was considered.

9)There was one time that we went out with another couple and a female friend that ended in drunken hot tub making out and groping. We did not talk about those events for 2 years, except for me asking if we could have a threesome with her friend. It was around this time that my wife started to refer to herself as bisexual.

10)Before we married, I begged my wife to go out and fuck other people. I had this yearning to be chosen over others. She did not indulge me in this.

11)After my children were born, I started to lose touch with my wife due to the loss of attention I was getting from her. We would go weeks-months on end without having sex. I would masturbate twice a day. I was punishing her by withholding sex.

12)A couple of years back I had a vasectomy. While high on drugs, I spilled to my wife about wanting to have sex with others and how I thought she was weird for not wanting to have sex with others. We would talk about it a couple of days later and I felt so guilty when she told me that she had no thoughts of others. I would let it sit for a while and only hint at things.

13)My wife went back to grad school at night, and on nights when the kids were not home I would start doing research on swinging. I was very interested in seeing her have sex with others. I liked what I was finding.

14) New Years 2010 I showed my wife everything I had found on swinging and asked her to consider it. This time she said let me read through everything and I will get back to you. Instantly I felt confident again and felt that I could expose myself to her totally.

15) There is nothing more erotic to me than watching my wife make someone else cum.

16) My wife told me she wanted to peg me. After I little thought, I decided to go with it. I was surprised by how at ease I felt with her in control.

17) I have no interest in doing anything sexual with another guy, unless my wife says she wants to see it. I identify straight, and am pretty comfortable with it.

18) A friend and I have fucked my wife vaginally at the same time. She asked for it and we gave it to her. It was the most awesome Oface I have seen my wife get. Now I fantasize about the situation over and over.

19) I am not polyamorous. I love being friends and having long-term sexual relationships with others, but I am not cool with anyone else in my bubble.

20) The only kink I have a hard time accepting are furries. Other kinks like BDSM, I understand why people like them. However, I have no issues with others loving the life they have.

21) I really wish that I could be more open about my sexual lifestyle. I am out to my friends and family, but the judgement from the in-laws and the job would be very negative.

22) I see a sex positive psychologist. This has been really important for me as I seek acceptance of my life.

23) I’ve had sex with 12 women. 9 of them happened after I got married and those 9 have all been with the last 18 months and my wife has watched all of them.

24) I’ve seen my wife have sex with one guy that was better endowed than I am. It was totally awesome. I do not consider myself a cuckold though, but I would love to see her take more guys like that. I’d also love to see her in a gangbang. When we have threesomes, I’d rather them be MFM in most instances.

25) Out of all of the sexual things I have experience, my favorite was have a woman grind my face hard while another rode me. It was a huge fantasy of mine and did not disappoint in real life.

8 Responses to “25 things about Josh’s sexuality”

  1. I have a high interest in pegging. My husband completely refuses; but I think with time and more sexual exposure (and a few more years together) he might change his mind. Well, I hope.
    I’m enjoying your blog by the way. 😉

  2. The furries thing cracks me up; I have no problems with it and would love to experience a fling with someone in it. LOL
    But you are freaking me out about the age of your first orgasm! I don’t want to think my oldest baby boy is doing that yet. But I wouldn’t discourage it; just hard to swallow.

    • hahaha, it would have been earlier had I known it could make those feelings. I remember getting erections around 8 but never trying to do anything with them.

  3. Pegging was the first fantasy that my wife told me about that made me do a double take. After asking her a few more times, I agreed to do it. Her enthusiasm to do it really made things easier. We’ve probably done it 15-20 times now in all sorts of positions. Protip, Lying on my side while she penetrates me standing on her knees is the easiest for me to start with.

    He should come around, especially if you keep breaking down taboos in your sex life. If that does not work, rig up a game of truth of dare.

    GGG is the way to be, which Dan Savage has defined as ‘good in bed,’ ‘giving equal time and equal pleasure,’ and ‘game for anything—within reason.'” Pegging is definitely within reason.

  4. Enjoy reading your blog. We found your answers interesting. The honesty is refreshing. We also found it interesting that you found your girlfriends play exciting even back then.

  5. I wish my hubby was more like u.

  6. I enjoy blog hopping and finding interesting reads to help me out in my journey. Would love to blog about it, but haven’t set up time for it yet. I do see, I need to get an education as I have never heard of pegging or furries. Now I think I can figure out the pegging, but will have to google the other.

    It is interesting to read about your experience with DVP. My boyfriend(of a year) has had experience with it and I’ve always had a hard time with it, because it seems weird that a straight man would be okay with that. Now I have no issues with being DVP’d! So looking forward to that day as right now DP is out, unless I get a guy with a very small skinny cock. My boyfriend says it is all about what the woman wants.

    We met on a swinging site, yet I was on there as a fluke thing (just a wild thing I did at 3am after my divorce) and we connected right away. On the one year of our first email to each other we went to a Lifestyle party. I have been so afraid that I would be jealous seeing him with someone else. I had a blast at the party and I was probably one of only two women that came at the party (since most reserve it for the afterparty). I had four men playing with me at one time, one on each breast, one kissing me while one slammed his hand inside of me. What I had been so afraid of and not wanting to do with my boyfriend, all of a sudden because something I crave. We didn’t do an after party, he has always said he doens’t like parties because he is not as social in a lg setting. I watched him make out with two women but that is all he did that night. I’m kinda shocked, he has always said this is something he wanted us to do as a couple but a month later, he doesn’t show much interest in it. He says he doesn’t get jealous? But maybe he does??

    • Welcome Freaky V! The blog has been a lot of fun for us. It has allowed us to communicate with each other as well as sharing our experience with the rest of the world.

      For me on the DVP thing, I looked at it this way. I have no problem shaking hands with a guy. High fives, shin kicking, hugs are all acceptable form of touching. BB wanted two cocks in her pussy, and I really had no reason to say no. Touching another cock did not turn me gay or make me suddenly want to have sex with a dude. It did make Bb soak the sheets and have orgasmic screams in a way I have not heard duplicated. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

      If your partner gets jealous, then he owes it to you to tell you. Maybe he is still working on building his connections to you and does not want the outside influences yet. Maybe he is worried about where is lines are and what not to do. Whatever it is, make sure that you state want you want and he states what he wants. Just keep talking and nurture your main relationship. Everything else is just fun!

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