While BB’s Away, I will play

Posted in About Josh, daytime fun time, Solo Play with tags , on December 23, 2013 by Josh

Hello? Is this thing on? So it’s been a while since either of us has posted anything here. BB is HPV free, and there’s been a few FMF threesomes, but nothing that has led me to come here and post. That all changed a few days ago. As the title refers to, I had my first one on one experience without BB.

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And now it’s time to say goodbye

Posted in Uncategorized on November 20, 2012 by Josh

Well, it seems that our swinging  journey must come to an end for now, and with that, our blog will go dormant as well. BB’s HPV has not gone away, and instead of trying to make plans six months from now, I think it’s best that we find something new to occupy our time.

I will leave the blog up for at least the near future because I think it might help people see many different scenarios that we had play out. Jealousy, envy, general what the fuck times, as well as the really cool times we had as well. We are available to answer any questions at curioustolook@gmail.com

It’s been a lot of fun having this blog and sharing our experiences with you guys out there. I just wanted to send a few thanks out to people.

First to Kayla and K3. I know you guys aren’t a couple anymore, but you guys were the first we people we connected with that we connected with outside the blog.

Mrs Learning, who is the hottest blogger I’ve had the pleasure to meet. Getting to follow along your life outside of this blog is probably my favorite thing to take away from it. I’ll say this here, you are really fucking hot when you smile. You should do it as often as you can, and take pictures.

Jack from the wildcardz who talked to me about anything and everything. That really was comforting at a time I needed someone to talk to.

Aarron and Miranda: the Swinger’s Attic is one of my favorite parts of the internet, I wish that you guys had more time to field more questions. Aarron has a badass artistic side as well.

The Nibblers whose blog Gentlenibbles convinced BB that maybe swinging was not as scary a place as she thought at one time. Mr. G has been blogging recently and that is good to see.

Vix the over-educated nympho for her how to do a MFM and a FFM. Another person who has come back to blogging recently.

Househo for having my favorite blog title. The Joy Fuck Club. It’s awesome and so are you.

To guys like Mr. No Name, Mr. Absinthe Passion, Freaky V (who is really really hot!) I really like your blogs, I only wish I had discovered them before we started withdrawing from the online life. I will continue to follow along with your journeys.

That’s all I’ve got. Be good, or be good at it.

Goodbye Summer!

Posted in Uncategorized on September 12, 2012 by Josh

Our swinging lives have been quiet through the summer, but as fall is set to begin the seeds are being planted to jump back in as soon as we are able. I found BB perusing ads on our local swinger site, CT. We’ve had people checking in and asking when we might be able to play again. New people asking if we are available. All seems to be going well.

For the blog’s sake, we are still around but there’s not a lot of inspiration in day to day life. I try to keep up with other blogs and comment where I have something to add. One thing I saw in this hiatus was a report from Our America with Lisa Ling that stated 15 million Americans are involved in “the Lifestyle.”  That would be equal 1 out of every 18 adults. That number seems really high to me for some reason, I’ve assumed it was more like 2% of adults. So I have 2 things, one what do you think and two does anyone know of any studies done trying to capture these statistics.

Lisa Ling did a great job showing the diversity of the swinging culture and I only wished that OWN put the show online or had a schedule that I could say “you should watch the rerun at this time.” Their loss.




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Risk is something that everyone takes. Something as simple as driving in a car is a risk. Depending on your lifestyle, your risks are different. I watched Josh jump out of an airplane recently. That’s a risk that he was willing to take. Having sex with multiple partners is also a risk. Josh and I are careful and use condoms with all intercourse, but there is still a risk. Continue reading

So it’s been forever…

Posted in Uncategorized on June 29, 2012 by Josh

Or so it seems. Life has been going at full speed, and other than a couple of threesomes with Freckles, we’ve not been doing much swinging wise. Between BB graduating, getting a job, me getting a big promotion, unexpected house renovations, and more crazy crap, there just really has not been the time for it. I suppose that we could lay the groundwork for new connections, and well that’s what we’re doing to a point.

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I’ve been noticeably absent

Posted in About Bottom Bitch on April 9, 2012 by BB

I’m sure any of the regular readers have noticed that I haven’t been around the blog much recently. There are a couple of reasons why I haven’t been here much.

First of all, I am finishing school. I will graduate with my Master’s degree in about 6 weeks, and I have been very focused on that. It has been years of hard work, and I am sooooooo ready to be done. Because of that, I haven’t had a bunch of time to get on and blog about stuff. Continue reading

The risk of being outed…

Posted in Uncategorized on March 29, 2012 by Josh

Recently in Houston a woman who was the editor of the style section of the biggest newspaper in Houston was outted by our local alternative weekly as a stripper, blogger and twitter user. She was then let go from her job at the big weekly and has locked down her blog. This is a woman whose journalism credentials were out of this world, but it didn’t matter. Let go for something that she did in her free time and of her own volition.

That is the same scenario that BB fears happening. She worries about running into one of the parents from her school while we are out. Unfortunately it only takes one busy body to completely upset the balance that we live in. All of her experience, her schooling, her research can all come crashing down if one person reports her and her adminstration refuses to back her up.

The woman I mentioned up above will forever be linked to this. Hopefully it all turns out positive for her. She will be giving an interview on Good Morning America tomorrow, and maybe this can lead to some sort of deal to where she can live her life comfortably. She will forever be linked by the episode anytime someone searches for her on Google.  Her days as a member of the traditional media are probably over.

We’re still a long ways from being able to just be in our lives. That sucks.

I purposefully did not name the woman or link to the story online. It is easy enough to find them. This blog will probably be seldom updated for a while as BB finishes school.